What is it?

roi-coupleThe return on investment (also known as ROI) measures the advertising cost against earnings resulting from the conversion of factors such as sales and prospects. Your return on investment indicates the value of your company’s earnings against the costs of the advertising campaign.

Although it’s practically impossible to accurately measure a return on investment, the following calculations can help you appraise its value: deduct the advertising cost from your sales earnings, then divide that amount by your total advertising costs. (Advertising ROI, according to Google AdWord)




What does this mean for an Opportunitiesbyemail.com user?

In practical terms, this means that if you wish to increase your turnover by x%, Opportunitiesbyemail.com will be able to help you assess the required number of transactions to reach this percentage. As we at Opportunitiesbyemail.com know the ratio of sales closed per request sent, we can easily calculate the number of online requests from potential clients which you must receive to generate an average ROI of 5 to 20 dollars for each dollar you invest with us.



Yes, but what does it mean in concrete terms...



Here is a detailed example from a mortgage broker so you can visualize how this translates into numbers. Please note that this is a fictional example. To know the exact statistics, you must contact one of our experts.



The value of the average mortgage receive by Opportunitiesbyemail.com in its online requests is $166,000.00. This matches the average mortgage value in Quebec.



Let’s suppose that a mortgage broker’s commission rate is 0.80%.



We can work out that the average earning per sale $1,328.00



Let’s say that thanks to Opportunitiesbyemail.com you have immediately closed 10 sales for 100 online requests received from potential clients and that over the next two years, you maintain this average for a total of 20 completed sales, your total earnings with therefore be approximately $26,560.00.



If, on top of this, we suppose that out of 20 sales completed, your renewal rate totals 80%. This means a further income of $21,248.00.



Finally, if we add to this sum 20% further earnings as a result of references from your satisfied clients for a total of $9,561.00.



You then simply add up the earnings: $26,560.00 + $21,248.00 + $9,561.60 = $57,369.60



If we go back to the formula to appraise your ROI as follows: (Income-Cost)/Cost and we suppose that the cost of 100 online requests from potential clients forwarded by Opportunitiesbyemail.com is $1,950.00, we can make the following calculations : 



($57,369.60 - $1,950.00) / $1,950.00 = $28.42


This means that your return on investment for each dollar invested at Opportunitiesbyemail.com would be 28.42$.
This is an exceptional ROI!